Beyond Quantum Consciousness®/Theta Healing®: is about connecting to the Universal Divine Energy of the Prime Creator of All That is, and Co- Creating a healing and witnessing changes and healing taking place.  This is done whilst in the Quantum Quntia Brain wave State.

It is now generally accepted that most health problems are related to an emotional belief’s, belief system ,cellular memory, trauma, that the mind/sub conscious mind, and the body holds on to it at cellular level.

Beyond Quantum Consciousness®/Theta Healing®: is used in connection with healing physical conditions.  Beyond Quantum Consciousness®/Theta Healing®: however, has a complete set of tools and techniques to work with all different areas in your life.  It works with the frequency, sound, vibration, color and wave:  As all thoughts of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the emotions are just codes and encodement’s. Most things that cause us problems are in the subconscious minds and our belief systems from the past, present, future and are in our genetics (DNA).


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