About LynMarie

Lyn Marie works with Many Divine beings: Many Ascend Masters,LynMarie All Star Gate Counsels, Federated Galactic Council, Sirius Masters and more. St.Germain,
LynMarie can channel of many of these beings of Light as well.
ThetaHealing™ was developed by Vianna Stibal. www.thetahealing.com
Lyn Marie is certified through the Think Institute:
As a Teacher and Practitioner of Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing™,
Intuitive Anatomy, Manifesting and Abundance.
Go up and work with God.
Lyn Marie is a: Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Channeling
LynMarie is also a Foundational Healer of the Ascension Process itself, she has completed healing work for the Cosmos, Galactic, Universe, Solar, Planetary, Gaia, to humanity from 2011 – 2013. LynMarie is able to clear and heal through all time and space and all dimensions from the point of creation to present simultaneously.
LynMarie is able to work with things that are extremely changeling in most things:
Creating Positive Change quickly and painlessly.
Business & Personal Conflict Creating Resolutions, Clearing Financial, Relationship, Health Issues, Working with Business workers in groups, Long Distance Healings, Readings, Planetary, Humanity, Ascension Process all things.

LynMarie is pleased to bring forth her gifts of the 4 Clair Essences, Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Ordained Minister, and works as Co- Creator with the “Infinite Creator of all that is”. Changing Beliefs, programs, contracts, receptive patterning in the Conscious, Subconscious & unconsciousness minds.  Clearing the Past, Present, and Future permanently,

LynMarie is a Presenter Many large Expos in Midwest area, has been a Guest Speaker on blog Talk Radio shows, Teaches many classes monthly, workshops, Channels the council of Light, private and group sessions and Donates Time and Healing at community healing events.

Process for all. All work can be done long distance, in person or by phone
All classes are approved for CEU’s in MN for Nurses and Chiropractors:
Basic and Advanced Theta Healing – 23 Credits. Manifesting and Abundance
& more click here, Personal Individual and custom pricing packages with LynMarie.
*Disclaimer – * Individual Results may vary as Every Person has its own uniqueness, beliefs, which affect the Individual Results.