About ThetaHealing®

A ThetaHealing® Experience is Magical!

ThetaHealing® is about connecting to Universal Divine Energy of the Creator of All That is, commanding a healing and witnessing changes and healing taking place.  This is done whilst in the Theta Brain Wave State; hence, the name of the system.

It is now generally accepted that most health problems are related to an emotional belief system and trauma, that the mind and body holds on a cellular level.

ThetaHealing® is used in connection with healing physical conditions.  ThetaHealing® however, has a complete set of tools and techniques to work with all different areas in your life. ThetaHealing® works with the conscious mind and unconscious mind. Most things that cause us problems are in the subconscious minds and our belief systems from the past, present, or genetic (DNA).

Four Different Belief Levels:  Our beliefs are held on four different levels – Core Level (this lifetime), Genetic (inherited), Other Lifetimes and Soul level.

How ThetaHealing® Can Help Physical Problems:  It is now generally accepted that most physical health problems are related to a belief system that the mind holds.  Identifying and changing these beliefs and feelings with ThetaHealing® can remove the underlying cause of an illness/disease.  Once these beliefs and emotions have been corrected with ThetaHealing® it is possible for the illnesses and diseases to heal, in some cases instantly.  By removing blocks in the unconscious mind, you can let go of beliefs and thoughts that prevent you moving forward or living your dream life.  For example, someone suffering from lower back pain often has financial worries or beliefs about being unsupported at work.

ThetaHealing® acknowledges all complimentary methods of healing including traditional medicine. With the use of ThetaHealing® all other Modalities become more effective.  ThetaHealing® can help make a change easily – “Shift” to making lasting changes in your life and move you forward on a healing journey.

Every Monday 7-9 pm is – Come Experience Theta Healing in a group setting with subject changing weekly. Email for location in Hugo, MN