Advanced ThetaHealing®

In this 3 day intensive and interactive workshop, you will receive Powerful, life-altering techniques & downloads to expand your Spiritual Growth and create dramatic changes in your life. You will receive hundreds of amazing downloads that will deeply transform your life on all levels. Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this 3 day class:

· How to Use the 7 Planes of Existence, specifically in healing & manifestation – (In-depth, detailed explanations of each plane).

· Connect with all planes through the 7th Plane (Talk with, Plants, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Higher Self & More)

· Undo Vows, Oaths, Commitments & Obligations from all planes that limit you & cause suffering.

· Heal Broken Hearts & Broken Souls

· Send Love to the “Baby in the Womb”

· Clear free floating memories from surgeries, emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse, war memories, or any other trauma

· Open your psychic centers further

· Get to the core of things; transform fear, resentment, grudges, regrets, and rejections.

· Practice “digging deep” for beliefs and healing your greatest fears.

· Heal the sadness and sorrow in your heart with the heart exercise and much more!
If the total is pre-paid 2 weeks prior to the class the cost is $500.00. If $100.00 deposit paid in advance to reserve your spot + the rest paid in full the day of class it is $525.00. After completing this workshop you will receive a certificate suitable for framing as a Theta Healing Advanced Practitioner. Please visit the main Theta website for more information at This class includes Vianna’s latest new Advanced Theta Healing® book.

For more information please email Lyn Marie at

Class Location will be in Hugo, MN. Details will be provided on Reservation.

Light snacks, water is provided for class