Mastering the Mind and Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts Creating? Peace, Harmony, Love, Acceptance, Non-Judgment, Gratitude/ Or Are they of Rejection, Anger, Judgment of Self and Others, Victim mode.  There is a clear difference of what your life will be like in both instances’. Please take a look at these words, and your thoughts and words and actions. Can you own the thoughts words actions you create in your life?  Can you take Responsibility for what you are creating with your own thoughts? We live in a Universe that is created of Thought Consciousness.  Your thoughts and others thoughts at the same vibration and frequency and create a collective thought consciousness, and if there is an imbalance of more negative thought consciousness of anger, hatred, judgment, it can move Yourself and humanity in the wrong direction which is call descension instead of Ascension.  

Class Details:

You will learn techniques to quite the mind

You will learn the process and understand how and what you create with your thoughts and words

You will learn how to change your thoughts and words to create a more positive life and future.

You will learn about frequency and Vibration of your thoughts.

You will learn how to manifest and create a change for you highest best.

This will 5 weeks long conference call seminar @ 2 hours each week

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