Thank you for Saving my Friend life – When I called for help in the emergency room, I didn’t tell you he was flat lined – We left the hospital 2 hours later and the Doctors don’t understand what happened with the his heart. There was no damage from the heart attack and release him with no side effects! It was a true Miracle. – Blessings Sam

Thank you for the clearing and healing – While you never look at my new job I created in our session – you just put your hand on it. I got that new got in a couple of days and everything I asked for was on the list! Amazing. – Eric

Thank you So Much for helping my niece while she was in direr need of help – her Aorta split and was not holding from surgery. After you worked on her it stopped leaking ASAP. The Doctor’s don’t know what happen and can’t explain it.  It was healed.  Thank you again – Sandy

Lyn I just want you to know that after 18 years I am still trying to reverse the effects from the car accident. After the couple of sessions I am having such improvements with the left side of my face that I was told I would not get full function of muscles back, as well as my balance is much better, I do not feel like I am tipping over when I walk.  Thank you for improving my life so much in these sessions- looking forward to another session. – Kathleen

Thank you for your time on Saturday. Your energy work was wonderful. I have a niece who lives in AZ who may benefit form a couple sessions with you. – Vitoria  D.

Thank you for the great class at the woman’s retreat. I have been sleeping better. I felt much lighter and the next day, deeper in my core and some old thoughts haven’t been taking there normal hold on me. – Amy

I couldn’t wait to tell you, that you were right about my boyfriend, he was seeing someone else! I confronted him on it and he was very honest about it.  I was surprised that it didn’t hurt and debilitate me as much as I thought it would. I really attribute that to the work you did with me. I am feeling a lot better than I have in some time, even tough I am still healing and trying to get myself back on track. I just wanted to say thank you! – Blessings Kristina

LynMarie is a great teacher and healer. I have had many teachers and her principles and skills are exceptional. She is very open and giving, and has supported me through out the process of learning, before and after the Theta Healing class. I have incorporated my healing practice with Theta Healing with my other skills of a Reiki Master, Shaman gifts. It has taken me to a new level of healing work. – Thank you Fernando

“Feeling lighter and it feels as though the rib spasm is loosening. Will keep you updated.”  In 2 day things have really open up and everything is moving forward – I was so stuck with some bad chain of events that happened. Thank you for your help!” – J.S

“I met you last night at the Healing Loft.  You did some work on my broken heart :)  I am feeling a bit better today….not much pain in my heart” Looking forward to working with you. – Kristine

“I got up today and everything seams really different. Thank you for removing my money blocks” Looking forward to meeting with you. – Julie

Thank you LynMarie –  “I no longer have the same attitude the old one is gone” I feel different. – Duncan Metzger – Owner of  The Healing Loft Mpls, Mn

Thank you for helping me remove the Pain and suffering of a bad relationship and help me Creating a new person in my life. I have now met someone who is exactly like the list we created and he showed up in 1 month. – Thank you again Miranda